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From Humble Beginnings...

We started small with only a dozen artists in November 2020 in a 400 square foot space at The Lynnfield Community Church.


The initial artists were friends willing to take a chance on my dream of starting a quaint little shop while I was getting my life in order after being laid-off from my thirty year career in wireless telecom...

Our Story

This was supposed to be my “side gig” for a while, but it soon became obvious that there was a need for a new shop to provide a place for artists and crafters to show their work during the COVID-19 pandemic. We grew within a few weeks and began leasing an almost 2,000 square foot space to help provide a “home” for displaced artists and crafters to display and sell their work.

In September of 2021, we realized that we needed a true “retail” location, so we moved to The Topsfield Village Mall at 30 Main Street #6 in Topsfield, MA. Our shop is a spacious 2,400 square feet and has room for now 70+ artists, our workshop space, and our new Perfectly Imperfect Pet Shoppe and Perfectly Imperfect Pantry spaces.


Our gift shop operates on three basic principles:

1. We will never be the gift shop with ten artists that sell the same soap. That’s boring for customers. Our artists all provide something different because that makes for a unique and wonderful shopping experience.

2. We take “handmade” seriously. Our artists make what they sell. They craft, photograph, print, sew, glue, format, crochet, stitch, stencil, hammer, bead, or some other type of hand-created work that involves their talent. There’s nothing “store-bought” here.

3. We keep quality art affordable. We’re a gift shop, not a gallery. Arts and crafts here at our shop are priced so that everyone can find something wonderful to give, gift, or keep.

Since our business launch, we’ve had a wonderful time meeting new customers and welcoming new artists and crafters! Now that COVID-19 restrictions have eased, we are enjoying hosting community events, as well as our monthly classes and artist-led workshops for kids and adults.

There’s something special about buying local and knowing that you’re supporting a small business or your neighbor. Artisan-made items aren’t as pricey as you’d think and they are made with high quality materials.


Not local? No worries, we have plenty of online content to keep you apprised of what’s happening here at the shop. Catch an Artist Chat on Facebook Live! Our Artist Chats provide information about our artists, as well as their wonderful artwork that’s available.


We ship! You can place an order over the phone or messenger and we will ship to you at first class USPS fees. We make gifting easy!

Come and join us for a workshop sometime! We’re always doing something fun here at The Perfectly Imperfect Gift Shoppe!

Have a Perfectly Imperfect Day!

The Perfectly Imperfect Gift Shoppe

Meet The Dream-Team


Maureen Saltman

Maureen spent 30 years in wireless telecom as a Fraud & Risk Manager. She started her
gently-loved and vintage jewelry business, Perfectly Imperfect Jewelry in 2019. After being laid
off from her telecom job during COVID-19, she used the time during her severance period to
start making artwork using the bits and baubles of broken jewelry. Perfectly Imperfect Jewelry Artwork was launched! Once that took-off, she decided to stop paying to put her art into other peoples’ shops and, instead, start her own shop. The Perfectly Imperfect Gift Shoppe was a dream come true!

Meet the Team

Let's Get Social!

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We've also got a jewelry boutique! Check out the eBay site to see what's currently available:

Let' Get Social!
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