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We're Growing our Groovy Little Gift Shop!

It's been an exciting 2.5 years in Topsfield! We continue to enjoy bringing you the best local artists and handmade items, as well as fun events and workshops. We've made a lot of friends and continue to attract new customers from all over the New England area. It's wonderful! I am excited to share that it's time to expand the magic of The Perfectly Imperfect Gift Shoppe beyond Topsfield and the Tri-Town area. 


Our groovy little gift shop has expanded steadily throughout our time in Topsfield. We have maintained between 52-55 rental artists and 20-22 consignment artists month-over-month. That is the maximum number of artists that we can comfortably accommodate in the Topsfield location. It is critical for the business to open a second location that provides additional operating hours and more days to operate per week to allow for growth and success.


As a small business, it's often imperative to partner with others to help raise capital to reach these important goals. I've decided to work with Mainvest of Salem, MA to create my capital funding campaign in an effort to raise the funds needed. The key goals are to acquire a second shop storefront, hire staff, obtain equipment and supplies, and be ready to market and go to launch. Small businesses like The Perfectly Imperfect Gift Shoppe rely on their "villages" to help them be successful. I've been extremely fortunate to have had a mighty village at my side this far. I hope that you will come along on this fun and creative ride with me as we grow the next groovy little gift shop together!

Mainvest info and link

Small donation paypal/venmo info, t shirt info

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